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TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Security maintains a relatively extensive list of GPOs that you can use on your OUs in order to simplify the process of using the TECHNOLOGY SERVICES WSUS server.

To link one of these policies and install the products on the machines in an OU that you control: The current GPOs provided by CITES Security are (in both the UIUC and UOFI domains): DEPT_Use CITESWSUSServer_3AMUpdate_Security DEPT_Use CITESWSUSServer_9AMUpdate_Security DEPT_Use CITESWSUSServer_5PMUpdate_Security DEPT_Set WSUSGroup-Upgrades_Security DEPT_Set WSUSGroup-All Service Packs_Security DEPT_Set WSUSGroup-All Updates_Security DEPT_Set WSUSGroup-App Service Packs_Security DEPT_Set WSUSGroup-Baseline_Security DEPT_Set WSUSGroup-OSService Packs_Security Based on the data from the Weekly WSUS Approvals section of the CITES Security Brief between February of 2011 and February of 2012, here are some numbers about the frequency of reboots in each of these groups to help you decide which group is right for your machine: Weeks that had no updates at all: 12 Weeks with no updates requiring a reboot: 11 Now breaking it down by each of our client-side targeting groups (remember that All Service Packs is a superset of OS and Application Service Packs, and that All Updates includes that and a few more): Weeks where the OS Service Packs group had a reboot-eligible update: 9 Weeks where the Applications Service Packs group had a reboot-eligible update: 26 Weeks where the All Service Packs group had a reboot-eligible update: 28 Weeks where the All Updates group had a reboot-eligible update: 29 Based on these numbers, we can estimate that a machine in the OS Service Packs group will reboot due to the updates approximately once every 6 weeks, while members of the other groups will reboot about once every other week due to the updates (although again these numbers are high).

The Windows Update Control Panel also has the function of downloading Windows Ultimate Extras, optional software for Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.

In our last tutorial we installed WSUS and we joined a new Windows 10 laptop to our server but we found that this laptop shows up in the WSUS manager as a Vista client and not as the expected Windows 10.

NOTE: If you are running your own domain, when you configure the Group Policy settings in Active Directory for WSUS, use a Group Policy Object (GPO) linked to an Active Directory container appropriate for your environment.

Microsoft does not recommend editing the Default Domain or Default Domain Controller GPOs to add WSUS settings.

I've tried setting the GPO option here to bypass with the intent of making sure the box gets updates straight from WSUS and not from other clients. ... If ($Result.reboot Required) I don't know about this issue, just trying to assist.

Back when I worked in first-level support, it was easy to keep track of which updates had been installed because we had to install them manually and would cross computers off a central list as each computer was done.If this service is disabled, users of this computer will not be able to use Windows Update or its automatic updating feature, and programs will not be able to use the Windows Update Agent (WUA) API.Windows Update, a service offered by Microsoft, provides updates for Windows components.Spend too long pontificating on the adverse impact of applying an update and you'll become vulnerable to the exploits the update protects you against.In this article, you'll learn about several patch-management–related problems and the steps you can take to mitigate them.

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