Updating alesis micron

OS updates usually come with instruction on the official site.

Please, anyone could upload the editor/librarian that comes with ion?

You can find the latest update for your module on the DM10 product page at

To find out what operating system and sound ROM you have on your DM10 module, choose the Utility button, press F4 (SYS), and then choose F3 (O/S).

However when Alesis forged ahead in their chosen direction, it was to re-cast the Ion not as a rack unit, but as a second, even smaller keyboard: the Micron.

In the trimming process, most of the Ion's expensive, high-resolution knobs have been lost, and its graphical screen has been replaced by a workmanlike two-line job. The Micron features a dedicated effects chip offering reverb and delay, plus a highly versatile multitimbral mode, a built-in sequencer and a rhythm programmer.

Search for updating alesis micron:

updating alesis micron-85

The screen will then show the version numbers of the current firmware on the module.

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