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In the US I was very successful with men, but here it seems that though I have long dates that go on for hours with laughter, interesting conversation, and sometimes even a kiss, the men never want to see me again!The problem is that I never seem - at least in Britain - to be able to get past the first date!Here, Americans like to stay with the classic approach.The usual route is to ask someone out for a cup of coffee or a drink or even dinner.Make sure you wait a few minutes extra for your date to show up, just to be sure.for an answer If you have asked a French person to go out on a date and they have said no, all is not lost.I am not the only American woman that has the problem, as several of my fellow countrywomen complain of the same thing with the lovely men of these shores. I am not aggressive or pushy or shy or any of the stereotypical things that would turn a man off.Back home a date that stretched on - by the man's own suggestion, not mine - from drinks, to dinner, to after dinner coffee, with conversation throughout - and then possibly even a good-night kiss would mean he was interested in at least getting to know the woman better! It seems that I can engage in good conversation and emails, even telephone conversations prior to the dates ...

Many couples are living together first for all sorts of reasons such as finance. Weddings Over half the weddings in the UK take place in local register offices and the rest are religious ceremonies of one kind or another.However, the British are more likely to ask someone to do something in a group setting first as opposed to doing something one-on-one.When it comes to the first date, Americans are more ritualistic here than their colonial cousins.All around the world, people from different cultures take part in the ritual called dating.Each culture naturally does it a little differently. Even though the US and the UK both share the same language, there exist lots of cultural differences, which range from the types of food they eat (fast food vs.

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