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It flowers prolifically from late summer through autumn and beyond, usually right up to the first heavy frosts. salicifolius is a native of North America, where it thrives in soils that are moist but well-drained.

On its home range it rarely attains the grand scale of British specimens, typically reaching a more modest 4ft tall.

Originally a market town, Dudley was one of the birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution and grew into an industrial centre in the 19th century with its iron, coal, and limestone industries before their decline and the relocation of its commercial centre to the nearby Merry Hill Shopping Centre in the 1980s.

Tourist attractions include Dudley Zoo and Castle, the 12th century priory ruins, and the Black Country Living Museum.

Instead, being perennial, what starts off as a vegetable ends up as a permanent garden resident.

Despite bulbs and flowering shrubs, late winter and spring can be a bleak time in the border.

The common name is apt, as this sunflower has narrow, lance-shaped leaves very much like those of some willow species.The castle provided the centre from which the town and borough grew, with early coal and iron workings helping establish Dudley as a major market town during the Middle Ages, selling not only agricultural produce, but also iron goods at a national level.Working iron and mining for coal was in practice as early as the 13th century.Despite links to the notorious group of sex offenders a council allowed him to adopt a son in 1986 - after a previous attempt through the Catholic Church failed.After years of abusing children he taught in UK schools he was finally banned from teaching after 20 years in the mid-1990s.

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Up to 8in long, these mid- to dark-green leaves are slightly hairy and spread fairly sparsely along the grey-green stems.

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