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The purpose of this study was to investigate previous Internet usage in a sample of college freshmen, and to reflect on their experiences with online victimization, through variables representing the three constructs of Routine Activities Theory.

A survey was administered to 100-level courses at a mid-sized university in the Northeast, which questioned respondents on their Internet behaviors and experiences with victimization during the high school senior period.

They searched for all the sex-related posts they could find in one full year from 14 different English-language forums across four different countries, including seven from the United States (My personal favorite forum? While these posts (2,534) only encompassed a small portion of the total input generated by the 79,665 people in their dataset, sex was an often popular topic, with some threads having over thousands of views.

"Defending the educational potential of the online discussions, some post authors emphasized their lack of exposure to sexual education earlier in their lives due to the sociocultural and historical circumstances in which they grew up."For some, sex was something they were never allowed to ask about; for others, it was a subject they now felt shame in bringing up, due to the pervasive belief, even among medical professionals, that sex should somehow stop mattering to someone past a certain age.The students after getting off the golf club bus nervously approached the seniors and were sat down in small groups.But the apprehension quickly disappeared and barriers broke down as the elderly started talking about their experiences as children, while the students were keen to pass on details about their school and home life.So it is entirely possible that more than 1% (which would be about 15 patients) have so far been recruited into the study.Even if it has taken 3 months to recruit 15 patients, I see that as a positive sign as it may mean that the investigators are being very narrow in their interpretation of the inclusion criteria.

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You guys already know about the aware study which I mentioned before .

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