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“Truthfully, the reason I first got into music was because of my freshman roommate, Dylan.

I told Res Life they hit a home run when they put us in a room together, because we’ve been best friends ever since,” Mason says.

“For our entire Sewanee careers, we were playing at the Pub on weekends once a month.

They say further that they the Deponants twice put the same Questions to said William during his last sickness and received from the him same answer and that to the best of the Knowledge he was at the Time in proper use of his Reason. At Court held for Botetourt County 11th of March 1777 This Instrument of Writing was presented in court as & for the Nuncupative Will of William Rowland decd & proved by the oaths of James Rowland and John Potts junr and John Potts senr and ordered to be recorded.

The Deponants being severally examined agree and say that three Days before William Rowland Departed this Life James Rowland and John Potts senr asked William if he would not make a will and regulate his affairs. James asked him in what Mannner he would make it William answered that he would give every child he had an equal Part James said it may be you have some objections viz to have some more than others perhaps you intend to leave your land to your Boys and an equal share of your Moveable Estate to which said William no answer but turned his Head from them.

Designed in the Adam Style, Rowland Hall features ornate molding and an elaborate vaulted plaster ceiling illuminated by two-glass oculi.

On the opposite end of the linear sequence of galleries is the Rotunda, an existing "nodal" gallery of its own significance.

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