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Of course, the Goudie name is popular throughout the province, and beyond, because of their cousin Rex Goudie, who made a name for himself on Canadian Idol. We come home, pick up our guitars and we sing songs non-stop.

Music runs through the family, and the twins have been blessed with some of the same talent.“Without music, I am not sure where we would be,” Kaylie said. It’s just part of our life and something we love.”The girls are nearing high school graduation, and contemplating their futures.

And quite a few of the principal characters die, which would be upsetting for young viewers, but provides fans old enough to remember seeing “Star Wars” in theaters with a heroic sacrifice designed to inspire a “Remember the Alamo!

”-style rallying cry when it comes time for the Red Squadron to do its business.

After Willis’s high school graduation, the band decided to move to Austin, Texas, to participate in the vibrant Austin music scene.

On April 6, 2006, she and Rex confirmed in an interview with the CTV entertainment program e Talk Daily that he and O'Neil had been dating since the third week of Canadian Idol. Although he has been criticized by some of the judges for his stiffness while on stage, a sports collision injury had caused him limited motion in both knees.

Goudie missed a knee specialist appointment, in August 2005, due to his progress on Canadian Idol.

Be warned, though: Every detail that follows could dilute the surprise factor of what’s coyly being billed as a Jedi-free spinoff, but might more accurately be described as “Star Wars: Episode 3.9,” so perfectly does it set up George Lucas’ 1977 original.

Not only does “Rogue One” overlap ever so slightly with “A New Hope,” but it takes that blockbuster’s biggest weakness — that a small one-man fighter can blow up a battlestation the size of a class-four moon — and actually turns this egregious design flaw into an asset.

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Rex Goudie was born in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and moved back to his father's hometown of Burlington, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada with his family when he was a year old. Goudie was studying mechanical engineering at Memorial University of Newfoundland as well as working as an auto mechanic part-time for his father's trucking company before Canadian Idol.

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