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If you are looking to meet women and also be part of a community then this site is for you. If you are a lesbian looking for love, friendship or just want to connect with other lesbians then this is the perfect lesbian dating app for you.Pink Sofa has been around for ten years so we already have thousands of members.You can look far and wide or close to home and there’s also a GPS feature so you can see how far away members are who are logged in and available to see.

This award is the seal of approval from the readers of g3." What makes the pink sofa so special is its unique mix of online dating, social networking and online community features all of which help members find the perfect partner or date.

This site might not appeal to everyone but it sure is a great site if you want to foster long term and meaningful relationships.

If you’re looking for a quick hookup or just some fun, maybe the long-term approach of the site is not for you, not to say that you can’t find it here if you try.

Lesbians like the pink sofa because we are not a hook up site.

Our members are serious about wanting to find love and a lasting relationship." All activity on the site is rigorously monitored, to create a positive and safe environment for members to communicate.

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