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Do you have any old clothing/furniture items that came from quests that are not listed in "Let's Discuss LTQ's" thread? If you're an older player or have good memory, please visit these links to share info: Unknown stuff ~~~ The fiasco of Movie Lights LTQ was the very reason "Let's discuss LTQs here" thread was created.Here are a couple of the quests that are actually listed in the large thread, but not discussed on the pages or lack images: Movie Lights (1/4) - cash (diamonds for some) Football Party (1/1) - cash Mardi Gras Mystery (1/4) - diamonds Cinematic girls: Ethel (Medieval LTQ) Dolores (Stepmother, Medieval LTQ) Zen Zoey (Spa LTQ) Penny 1/Penny 2 (Lolita LTQ) Teagan (Easter LTQ) Teagan (Victorian, clothes thief, LTQ) Grace (Victorian LTQ (cash)) Grace (Victorian LTQ (diamonds)) Deedee (Punk Rock LTQ) Lisa (60's LTQ) Isabelle (Circus LTQ) Natalie (Safari LTQ) Alexa (Wedding LTQ) Selina (Superheroes LTQ) Carmen (Cinco de Mayo LTQ) Azura (Mermaid LTQ) Jim's Mom (Mother, Mother's Day LTQ) Ruby (Roaring 20's LTQ) Elissa (Sci-Fi LTQ) Lacey (Graduation LTQ) Red (Fairy Tale LTQ) Karina (Fairy Tale LTQ, stepsister) Jody (Illusions LTQ) Misty (Water Park LTQ) Irene (Opera LTQ) Lisette (Parisian LTQ) Kara (Superb LTQ) Stella (Costumes LTQ) Hildred (Medieval pt. So cool to see some earlier stuff no one here mentions. Ah, well, I'm just thankful we have them now, especially for the players who did not receive the LTQs.This is not kindergarten, moderators here are not your teachers.- If you make a thread on someone else's behalf, it's your thread. But recently, our country has forgotten what competition is, and forgotten how destructive it is in the long term when rich companies are able to flood the market with underpriced goods that drive less diverse businesses under because they make their profits in a different way.My guess is there will be a link against the ME3 and terrorism next, whether true or not will not be the object.You are not entitled to make the thread exclusively. The claiming is about preventing two people wasting their time making duelling threads, it's not about allowing you to exclude others.

Congrats to all the great musicians on their accomplishment in the category of MUSIC, whatever it gets called.Don't volunteer to make threads on someone else's behalf unless you are going to be responsible for them later.- We are considering asking prohibiting people from claiming threads that are for the distant future and limiting users to games that have actually been locked down for release.If there are errors in the thread, you will be held responsible.If the thread is the kind of thread that needs updates and the person doesn't deliver them, you will be held responsible.

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