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Says Malcom Gladwell in his book "Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking," now a New York Times bestseller, "There's plenty of evidence to suggest that height -- particularly in men -- does trigger a certain set of very positive, unconscious associations." And it's even been given a name.

It is a view of the world that sees things linearly, in terms of singularities, and the so-called “one right path.” In this realm, where commoditization is God, horizontal orientation (versus vertical integration) rules the roost.

Let me go a step further and make the forceful assertion that in the red hot mobile computing segment (inclusive of smart phones, media players and tablet devices), anything that Nokia, RIM/Blackberry and even Google Android are doing is simply orthogonal to Apple’s i OS-based device play (i Phone, i Pod touch, i Pad). That is why it’s laughable that the latest meme du jour, “The Apps Lifestyle” — and believe me, it is a lifestyle — is ridiculously framed as a trend of the multi-vendor “cell phones” segment. The clear-cut truth is that Apple’s i OS device platform is the staging ground of the Apps Lifestyle, something that ~90-percent of i OS device owners “get” to the point of it being intrinsic, assumed and embedded.

By contrast, maybe 15 percent of non-i OS device owners embrace The Apps Lifestyle, or even know what it means, and that’s probably being generous.

In real-world terms, heightism can translate into fewer dollars, relationships and children for shorter men.

Tall Men and Money For "Blink," Gladwell polled about half of the Fortune 500 companies and found that the majority of their CEOs were tall, white men, and: After analyzing the results of four large-scale studies, Judge and co-author Daniel Cable, a business professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel-Hill, found that extra inches could add up to thousands of dollars.

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