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The perpetrators agreed not to do anything with data under one condition: That Ashley Madison and its sister site Established Men – which links younger women with older men who have money – were to be shut down completely.Ashley Madison did not comply with the terms, and as a result, the hackers dumped 9.7 gigabytes of data belonging to the 32 million or so users.I did manage to start conversations with a few interesting people, and I was alarmed by how willingly people divulge their personal information, in many cases when I didn’t even ask!! The Department of Management Science and Engineering leads at the interface of engineering, business, and public policy. Topics: Basic Algebraic Graph Theory, Matroids and Minimum Spanning Trees, Submodularity and Maximum Flow, NP-Hardness, Approximation Algorithms, Randomized Algorithms, The Probabilistic Method, and Spectral Sparsification using Effective Resistances. We traditionally think of algorithms as running on data available in a single location, typically main memory. The main algorithms and software for constrained optimization emphasizing the sparse-matrix methods needed for their implementation. Prerequisites: Basic numerical linear algebra, including LU, QR, and SVD factorizations, and an interest in MATLAB, sparse-matrix methods, and gradient-based algorithms for constrained optimization. Prossible topics include: greedy algorithms for vertex/set cover; rounding LP relaxations of integer programs; primal-dual algorithms; semidefinite relaxations. Ever since the creation of virtual identities thanks to chat rooms and then social networking, fraudsters have been fabricating online personas for any number of malicious reasons, not the least of which is perpetrating a cyber attack.Hackers will prowl social networks, online forums and gaming websites disguised as an innocent everyday user in search of someone to trick.One of the most memorable data breaches of 2015 was executed against Ashley Madison, an online network for adults who are seeking an extramarital affair.

I have blogged on the topic of online dating in the past, and how it’s not much different than phishing and other forms of online fraud.Besides just the standard false representation (i.e., lack of hair, teeth and/or job), women and men both have their own concerns to worry about.For women, it is often a matter of personal safety, but men are highly targeted by the attractive girl who sends a flirty email followed by, “Come visit my website and enter your credit card.” I think most men are educated enough about these scams today that they know to keep the plastic in their wallet.Almost two years since my first blog on the topic was published, I remain single (note I’m convinced this will be a perpetual state).I have not dated in months, but as part of a personal blogging experience I just started, I decided to set up an online dating profile – not for the intention of meeting anyone, but to see how the dating world has changed in the last six months. I discovered that dating websites are rife with scams.

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