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I wanted to post to find out about this because I realised I don't meet a whole lot of new people, and I wondered what the most likely situation/place to meet someone would be. Two of them did not respond back -well, thats all in the game, no? I went on a short holiday trip with Guy 1 and on another trip with Guy nr 2, and had a good time. Right before her big road trip to Texas her water pump went out. I sold her a membership, put her on a workout program, and asked her for a date. I took him back to mine after a philosophy society party that happened to be on that night... I remember well my first impression - "What a bitch! We still can't believe we found such a compatible person at work . I was studying for a French history exam with some fellow students and we were arguing over something Napoleon did. China Wife was taking part in the beer chugging contest but passed on the wet t-shirt thing. Turns out Lady Chance only lived about 3 miles from me back home and we hooked up over Spring break second semester. Personal ad, when I was 22 and wanted a male companion for hitchhiking (and maybe more, but I left that a bit vague). The girl who wasn't perfect for me and I ended up having an affair that everybody seemed to be oblivious to until we ended up moving in together.If you want to share the news, photo's and fun, please register to join.If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ.Later he confessed to me that he had timed his response carefully: "If I wait 6 months, that girl is either married, or she is single again and all the competition is out of the way" A little blue, I agreed to meet hem, just to get the whole personal- ad-thing to a rounded end. I was the only one to actually do it and received over 70 responses. Prior to that, we'd only been single at the same time for forty five minutes - otherwise at least one of us had been dating, engaged to, or married to someone else the entire nine years (the forty five minutes, we actually were together, we were at the wedding of the guy I went to prom with). Ya see, there is this internet message board, no, not a chat room, where a bunch of smart people discuss questions, have debates, and share things. And these people have parties and get-togethers all over the world. Well, I met my wife at one of those parties in Chicago. No, she didn't live in Chicago, she lived in Virginia. At least that is how I've explained it dozens of times. In no particular order: Work, Dope Fest, Friend of a Friend, Work, Roommate of a Friend, Work, through a guy at work, college neighbor, apartment neighbor. He lives in Colorado and I live in Texas, but he said he simply had to send me an e-mail and introduce himself even though he knew I wouldn't respond.

Apparently I am still able to date younger women who are years away from going through this change and presumably are more hormonal and hornier.

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A simple answer is fine, but I'm sure there are some great stories around! My soon-to-be boyfriend walked over and said, with his wonderful French accent, that we were all wrong. So effectively I dumped her roomie for her and just switched sides of the room in her dorm. I got 55 reactions and felt like a empress (or a casting director)sorting them out. It has been 9 years as of yesterday (12/22) and 13 years together. Next thing I know, fourteen years have gone by and we're married with a child and a dog. We met on my first day at university - I was the young freshman and he was the dark and brooding chairman of the philosophy society.

There has already been a thread where people told their stories, but it was over a year ago, and I wanted to start a thread for once! I replied personally back to 5 guys with my photo and adress. At the gym, I worked there she came in to get a membership. For a year and a half we chatted in the student common room until one day, both frantically trying to finish essays in time for our tutorials, we started arguing about Plato.

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