Dating multidose vials

As new information of a critical nature is identified (such as Black Box Warnings) about medications in our database, we publish what we call a Special Alert.

These Special Alerts are intended to notify clinicians of important news and warnings.

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Over my 30 year carreer I’ve reviewed medication storage locations in about 500 hospitals. It doesn’t work (except that it gives surveyors a “for sure” citation). Pate serves as Vice President for Content and Development at The Greeley Company.

This information remains on our Special Alerts list for a period of 12 months from its original release date.

The Special Alerts listed below are available immediately to subscribers through Lexicomp Online and through our Mobile App software for smartphones and tablets.

The quality control and testing for CSPs in this chapter are appropriate and necessary.

The intent of this chapter is to prevent harm and fatality to patients that could result from microbial contamination (nonsterility), excessive bacterial endotoxins, large content errors in the strength of correct ingredients, and incorrect ingredients in CSPs.

Research indicates that neonates [newborns] and patient populations with impaired kidney function may be at high risk of exposure to unsafe amounts of aluminum. The FDA maximum requirements for aluminum received in an IV is 25 mcg per day.

Studies show that aluminum may accumulate in the bone, urine, and plasma of infants receiving TPN. parenteral aluminum bypasses the protective mechanism of the GI tract and aluminum circulates and is deposited in human tissues. The suggested aluminum per kg of weight to give to a person is up to 5mcg.

I can remember only one hospital that succeeded in putting an outdating process in place for open multi-dose vials — it took tons of leverage from leadership and only lasted until the surveyor came back to clear them. Filed Under: Accreditation Participation Requirements • Medication Management • Surveillance, Prevention and Control of Infection Tags: Joint Commission • Mediation Storage • Medications • Multi-dose vials Error: Unable to create directory uploads/2017/06. He is a nationally recognized expert in patient flow and in hospital and health system regulation and accreditation with over 25 years experience in high profile problem solving.

The Joint Commission has released an FAQ on multidose vials, including requirements for expiration dates after vials are punctured, specific labeling requirements, and the specific standards that support each requirement.

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