Dating customs in vietnam

It's not that they don't want their children to love their mates, they simply assume that part of a child's obedience and honor to their parents will include being happy with the arranged marriage."She likes him because I think he is a very good match for her," said one Vietnamese mother of her daughter in an interview with Iana Iebozec.The reasoning went that an older woman was stronger and more able to perform farming chores.An ugly woman who could work was often considered a better catch than a beautiful one who couldn't work.So, within a family you will see different last names.But the children will carry the father's last name.When westerners look at Vietnamese love relationships, they may be astonished by the differences between the cultures.

In the old days the bride was usually several years older than the groom.These betrothed children, unless they move from the village for work or some other reason, almost always end up marrying the person their parents pick.However, the idea of "love" as westerners think of is not factored into the arrangement.Zoe Mendelson is traveling the world, talking to friends and strangers about the messy, wonderful business of love.Our series Love in Far Off Lands tracks her journey, highlighting the best of her encounters.

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