Dampd intimidating presence

I’m asking only because it seems to me that not to many people are playing D&D, anymore.

I was at the local comic-book store today, and they only had 4 books on the shelf about D&D (the three core books and something about dragons.) This store is by no means small, so that can’t be it, not to mention, most of the people in there today playing, were playing everything but D&D, there was even a group LARPing… I adore it, mainly for it’s escapisam, and the fact that it is the only game I know of that rewards inteligance and good acting, while, at the same time, allowing you to blow the F out of anything that gets in your way, or getting the F blow out of you… I can’t find anyone in my town, (outside of the really super creepy, geeky, can’t stop talking about their 3-boobed amazon viking valkyrie warrior princess who’s main power is…

One problem would be the dice rolls, and having players not lie about them, rolling on the webcam wouldn’t be a solution cause I doubt one could read all the dice easily, plus you’re moving around the cam so much, it’d never work.

One option, having a dice rolling Flash app on that website with character sheets, such that the person selects the dice and presses the “ROLL” button, everyone can see the dice roll and see the final result.

Yeah, someone really needs to figure out a way to play tabletop RPGs via the Internet in such a way that it really does seem like being around a table with friends…

I’m thinking a webcam and voice chat would be a good start, character sheets via a website so everyone can see and it can be edited as needed.

That moment when a man walks into a room and everyone seems to stop for a minute and take notice.

There is a -4 penalty per size category by which the monster is larger than you (which becomes a bonus if the monster is smaller).

A successful save indicates that the opponent is immune to your use of this feat for 24 hours.

This feat cannot affect creatures with an Intelligence of 3 or lower.

Presence is that special character trait that very few men possess.

And it is, in my opinion, one of the most difficult characteristics to develop.

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To do so, make an Intimidate check opposed by the target’s modified level check (see above). A shaken character takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws.

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