Consolidating credit card debt pros and cons dating copeland spode

Today, a majority of the home equity lines he approves as owner of Priority Plus Lending will be used to pay off Americans' credit card debts.

Nor is his route the only one to spring up in a capitalistic society: Where there's a need, there's a buck to be made, even among the broke.

You may not feel there’s room in your budget to make larger credit card payments, but if you’re serious about being debt-free, you’ve got to make some changes.

Also keep in mind that it’s impossible to precisely gauge the impact of a particular approach on credit.

When Norm Bour was 24, credit was so hard to come by he couldn't get a gas station company credit card without begging.

While it's important for you to get a handle on your debt, how you go about it is just as important.

Debt problems are draining – financially, emotionally, mentally and sometimes in the worst cases, they can even affect your physical health.

So when debt problems strike and cause financial distress, it’s critical to find a solution as quickly as possible so you can regain control.

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Of course, like any financial challenge, you probably weren’t taught how to solve debt problems in school.

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