Ashley judd and matthew mcconaughey dating

The badge is nowhere close to the actual badge worn by SPD officers.The name tags are black, not silver (almost always cloth sew-on type) and should be worn on the right breast pocket 1/2 inch below the top of the pocket flap.

When Nick Parsons appears to be murdered his wife Libby is tried and convicted.

Six years later Libby is paroled and with the help of Travis Lehman (her parole officer) she sets out to find her son and the truth behind the "murder".

Seattle Police officers are only authorized to wear a turtleneck or tie when wearing a long sleeve uniform shirt (never a white T-shirt).

She is currently working for TV series Twin Peaks which is to be on aired in 2017.

Judd made her movie debut from American action comedy film Kuffs.

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