Albanian dating customs

I grew up in New York in a first generation traditional Albanian home where English was my second language, and upholding the traditions of our culture was of the utmost importance.

It’s engrained in us to always think of others before we think for ourselves.

I, on the other hand, was not allowed to leave the house without a family member, and if that family member was male, he must be a first cousin, otherwise people may presume that I had a boyfriend—something forbidden in our culture. He saw me at a wedding when I was 16—the age when girls are considered of marrying age.

Having a boyfriend as a teenager was viewed as the biggest sin for a teenage Albanian girl. The following week, he sent suitors to ask for my hand in marriage. This was my ticket to freedom (or so I thought) and 2. The marriage lasted for almost 9 years—the first year was good.

While they are not banned or mentioned in any piece of the Albanian law, medical secrecy is the code doctors use in handling the procedure by those who request it.

Loyalty and hospitality are two core values in the Albanian lifestyle. Girls in the Albanian culture are held to a stricter standard as far as keeping up the image of the family name and reputation. I was extremely shy and reserved on the outside but screaming in the inside. The American life seemed so unattainable, but I was hopeful.

I used to dance when no one was watching, practice my runway walk when no one was home (I was obsessed with Kate Moss), but in the public I felt pressured to keep up a quiet girl image. Naturally, I’m a dreamer which can get me in trouble sometimes, and I think I created a “fantasy world” for myself to survive.

Tirana, ALBANIA: A secret crisis for women is happening in Albania.

It has to do with a women’s health, identity, chastity and marriage.

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